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Vijay Group of Companies has been operating in the Fire Industry in India for over 59 years, fulfilling our motto of ensuring Fire “Prevention, Safety & Security”. Our group of companies cater to a multitude of products and services, mainly in the Fire Industry, which include: Passive Fire Protection Systems; Fire Engine Vehicles; Specialty Vehicles; DCP Skids; Waste Collection and Sweeper Vehicles; Safety Equipment; Security Systems; Medical Equipment; Latex Gloves; Turnkey Industrial and Commercial Fire and Safety Projects; Medical Devices and Building Management Services.

Here’s a brief look at our growth story
Back in 1959, when Mr. Raitlal Salot laid the foundation for Vijay Machinery Stores, a fire extinguisher trading and machinery parts manufacturing unit in Mumbai, little did he know that this fledgling venture would grow in to the large conglomerate of Vijay Group of Companies. Vijay Group is nothing short of a gamut of highly recognized, sophisticated and specialized companies with the expertise to turn out virtually any customized technological solution that its ever expanding client base may ask for in the fire industry. Our products meet the most stringent international standards and We have executed over 3500 turnkey projects across India, Asia and the Middle East to our merit.”


  1. 1958

    Mr. Raitlal Salot establishes Vijay Machinery Stores, Mumbai.

  2. 1962

    Mr. Jitendra and Kantilal Salot join and set up factories and offices in Mumbai and Umbergaon (Gujarat).

  3. 1964

    A manufacturing plant for fire extinguishers is started.

  4. 1972

    A manufacturing collaboration with Kidde (UK) for fire detection and Co2 extinguishing systems results in the installation of the very first detector system in India for State Bank of India.

  5. 1975

    We step into Hydrants & Sprinkler Systems Projects.

  6. 1978

    100% indigenous manufacturing of fire fighting vehicles begins at Umbergaon.

  7. 1979

    Mr. Pradip and Harish Salot step in to make the Vijay Group the Indian market leader in fire protection.

  8. 1980

    Service business of halon extinguishing systems is added.

  9. 1987

    Collaboration with Sabre Safety Ltd.(UK) to manufacture high quality safety systems.

  10. 1988-92

    Ace Turnkey Fire Protection Pvt. Ltd. (a manufacturer of passive fire protection) is acquired and the effluent treatment division launched.

  11. 1992-94

    March 3rd, 2015

    The third generation joins - growth accelerates, we get an IPO and generated capital to fund further expansion initiatives. Vijay Fire is the first Indian fire protection company to be listed on the Indian Stock Exchange.

  12. 1994

    We tie up with Autronica, Norway to manufacture analogue addressable smoke detection systems. A highly sophisticated facility is built in Navi Mumbai.

  13. 1995

    FM approvals for production of detectors and control panels.

  14. 1995-99

    The health division is launched and we start manufacturing surgical gloves..

  15. 2001

    Contracting business is sold to Kidde, UK (now a UTC Company).

  16. 2004

    Well-established as market leaders we grow into other fields like specialized fire vehicles, safety and security systems, building management systems, passive fire protection, medical equipment, trading in agricultural products, etc.
    Vijay Transtech started exporting mechanical and Electronic products to Europe and North America.

  17. 2005

    VFVPL tied up with Morita, Japan to supply Turn Table Ladders in India. Vijay Transtech opened a subsidiary working towards contracting of high end building automation systems.

  18. 2006

    Vijay Transtech diversified the product range to add investment casting, pressure die casting, forging, sheet metal and fabrication of products apart from machining parts.

  19. 2007

    VSSL started full-fledged Middle-East operations in Qatar and the UAE. Vijay Transtech aggressively ventured into implementing BMS systems for pharmaceutical clients and worked with all major pharma clients across India.

  20. 2008

    VSE is the first company in India to get Factory Mutual Approval for its Fire Stopping Products and Fire Retardent Coating Compound.

  21. 2009

    Vijay Systems Engineers developed and introduced Fire Doors. Vijay Transtech received an order for implementing all IBMS systems for The Ruby, the tallest commercial building in Mumbai with an area of 1.25 million sqft.

  22. 2010

    VFVPL supplied 18 Fire Fighting Vehicles to Egypt Defense. Vijay Transtech added new capabilities in manufacturing and diversified industry focus to instrumentation, automobile and the hydraulic industries. Also, successfully developed multiple new products for clients

  23. 2011

    VSE developed and introduced Glazed Partitions with Frame.
    VFVPL introduced Road Sweepers in India.

  24. 2012

    VFVPL tied up with Iturri, Spain to supply Rescue Vehicles in India.
    VFVPL supplies 10 Fire Fighting Vehicles to Tanzania.

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