Fire Rated Glass Doors & Glazing Systems



Fire rated glazed partitions & fire rated glazed doors are basically glass doors and partitions that are made of fire proof material. They are used in nearly every building where visibility is a criteria except in some warehousing facilities. Specifically, they are used at building entries/exits, security areas, separation partitions in hospitals, hotel lobbies, restaurants, offices, commercial and public places of interaction at airports, metro rails, railways, malls etc. These fire rated glazed/glass doors and partitions create fire compartments in order to contain a fire, smoke and heat in the event of a fire and to allow people to safely evacuate from a building/structure.

VS Fire Rated Glazed Doors and Partitions are constructed from pressed steel framework sections with a provision for fixing fire rated glass in it, using suitable removable retainer section or beading.

VS Fire Rated Glazed Doors & Partitions are tested as per BS 476 part 22 / EN 1634-1 providing a fire rating of up to 2 hours.


  • Available in standard as well as customized sizes. Large sized glazed portions/doors are possible where clear viewing is a necessity
  • Appealing aesthetics possible
  • Clear transparent view with light transmission up to 92% is possible
  • Pressure differential, hygienic conditions can be maintained across the two sides of the partitions/doors
  • Depending on end use, glass can be treated with various transparent coating like UV resistance, non-reflective surface, non-glare coatings etc.
  • Available as a composite glass with safety features (laminated)
  • Can be designed for easy removal and replacement of glass as and when required
  • Not affected by nominal ambient temperature and humidity changes
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