Fire Rated Glass Doors & Glazing Systems



Fire rated glazing systems and glass doors are constructed from pressed steel framework sections with a provision for fixing fire rated glass in it, using suitable removable retainer section or beading.

Fire rated glazing systems and glass doors shall have a fire rating of up to 120 minutes as per BS 476 part 22 / EN 1634-1.

Glazed fire rated partitions & doors are used in nearly every building except in some warehousing facilities. They are used at building entry areas, security areas, separation partitions in hospitals, hotel lobbies, restaurant, offices, personal cabins, commercial and public places of interaction at airports, metro rails, railways, malls etc.


  • Large sized glazed portion / clear sight & daylight can be available in a partition / door
  • Appealing aesthetics possible
  • Pressure differential, hygienic conditionscan be maintained across the two sides of the partitions/doors
  • Depending on end use, glass can be treated with various transparent coating like UV resistance, non-reflective surface, non-glare coatings etc.
  • Available as a composite glass with safety feature (laminated)
  • Can be designed for easy removal and replacement of glass as and when required
  • Not affected by nominal ambient temperature and humidity changes
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