ACE Panel SEAl for Glass Facade

Fire Sealing System


In recent times glass facades have become most preferred architectural and aesthetically appealing building facelifts. A typical through gap is left between the glass facade and the floor ceilings. Ace Panel Seals is a system that can effectively seal these gaps and prevent passage of smoke and fire through these gaps in the event of a fire. The system consists of two or more mineral wool boards stuffed in the gaps between the façade and the ceiling and filled to the complete depth of the ceiling. The top and bottom exposed surface of mineral wool board is coated with Ace Mastik Coating to 1.0 mm nominal thickness. Ace Mastick Coating overlaps on to the ceiling surface for up to 50 mm width beyond the filled gaps. Annular gaps around the interface between the structural ceiling and the mineral wool and between the facade can be filled with Ace Mastick Sealant. In case the bottom side of the opening is not accessible, system thickness can be restricted to 50 mm with pre-coated Ace Panel Seal boards that are marginally larger than the opening for a tight fight in the opening. This system is tested as per ASTM E 814 & UL 1479.

Special Features

FM approved, to approval class 4990 for 2 hrs. fire rating.

Fire rated sealing using Ace Panel seals does not get affected to required performance of the system during fire even after exposure to various conditions like weathering effects, aging, vibrations, ambient temperature variation.

It shows resistance to attack by rodents, vermin and termite.

The system also offers special features as below.

  • Halogen Free
  • Can be re-entered and repaired
  • Easy to use and apply
  • Non toxic
  • Light weight
  • Added advantage of good acoustic insulation
  • Can withstand flexible to moderate shocks
  • Not affected by conditions like: weathering, aging, vibrations & ambient temperature variations
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    Life Expectancy 40 Years
    Density 1.25 to 1.40 gms/cm3
    pH 6.5 to 8.5
    Appearance Off-White, thick liquid
    Odor Odorless
    Flash Point None
    Resistance to moisture & humidity Good
    Toxicity Non toxic
    Application Temperature 50 C to 500 C
    Back filling Material details Mineral Wool Board. Nominal Density 150 Kg/m3. Thickness 50 mm.