Criteria for Choosing Fire Partitions 

Fire Partitions are separating element of the structure, placed inside a building that split particular rooms, floors, corridors or spaces within a structure/building. The vertical assembled partitions stretch from the floor up to the roof of the room. The objective of a fire-rated partition is to prevent jumping of fire across the partition and prevent […]

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Fire Protection Systems – Essential for Any Building/Structure

Fire Protection Systems

Fire acts fast and can be catastrophic.  It can do damage within seconds.  Therefore, Fire safety measures are essential in order to safeguard lives and property.  You can get fire insurance to protect your belongings in case your property is destroyed by fire but installing the right combination of fire safety equipments/products in your office […]

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The Importance Of Passive Fire Protection In Buildings

The use of and need for Passive Fire Protection Products in buildings/structures are highlighted in the National Building Code of India (NBC) (2016). It is the job of consultants to design the space, structure of any type of building whether residential, commercial or industrial.  They design buildings keeping in mind the guidelines outlined in the […]

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