Fire Retardant Door Manufacturers

Fire Partition Products are used in sealing off large open areas when any kind of civil work is technically not feasible. In this category, we offer: Ace Fire partitions,VS Steel Fire Doors and VS Fire Rated Glazed Partitions & Doors.

Ace Fire Partitions are set up in areas where fire compartmentation is needed. Our fire partitions consist of Ace Panel Seal encased in a steel structure designed to resist fire for up to 4 hours. The fire partition is cladded by non combustible materials suitable to specific applications considering the ambience and aesthetic requirements.

VS Steel Fire Doors Steel Fire Doors are used in exit areas and to cordon off stairways in buildings. The fire doors create compartments preventing the spread of smoke & fire beyond a compartment in the event of a fire. This allows people to safely evacuate a premise. The Steel Fire Doors manufactured by Vijay Systems Engineers are double skinned composite door shutters mounted on hollow metal steel frames with hardware fittings. The complete Fire door assembly when installed in a fire compartment, forms a Fire Barrier for up to 2 hours.

VS Fire rated glass doors and glazing systems are used where fire partition products with visibility across the compartment is needed in normal conditions. This is achieved by fire rated glass partition and fire rated fully glazed doors. The fire rated glass is fixed in a specially designed glazing system which forms a fire barrier during fire and provides clear visibility in normal conditions.

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