How Fire Retardant Coating Offers Protection

Fires can be catastrophic and can harm lives, cause damage to property and can result in financial losses. It is imperative that we follow stringent fire safety measures when constructing any kind of a structure, whether it be a residential, commercial or industrial complex. With the level of construction and growth happening within India, the need to follow, implement and use fire safety measures and products is a necessity. Within the range of fire products, there are two types, namely: Active & Passive Fire Products. Active Fire Products consist of all products used to detect and put out a fire. These products make up 80% of the fire products available. Passive Fire Products are those products which contain and either stop or retard a fire from spreading further. These products include fire barriers, fire coatings, fire sealants & fire retardants.

What is Fire Retardant

Fire retardant products minimize fire spread, smoke release, contain a fire and are easy to apply. They specifically slow the rate of burning of a given material where fire retardant products are used. There is a wide range of products used in the Passive Fire Industry, each used for specific purposes and applications to do the job of stopping/retardation of fire, thereby preventing it from spreading further.

Types of Fire retardant coating

The types of fire retardant coatings manufactured by VSE are Fire Retardant Cable Coating, Structural Steel Coating, Fabric & Wood Coating. Fire retardant coating is used on electrical cables to slow the rate of burning and slow/stop the spread of fire through the cables. Structural steel coating is a cementitious fire retardant coating used on structural beams & collars made of steel in large or high rise buildings. Fabric & wood coating also work to stop the rate of burning on their respective surfaces.

Don’t gamble with Fire

We invest so much while we make our homes, shops and other structures, but we always forget about safety measures which should be taken care of while building such structures. Let’s just accept that accidents happen and may happen, so we better be safe and prepared than sorry. While you invest so much in the making of your buildings, invest some more and make it safe from fire.

Have you protected yourself against fire

So, please go and take initiative and find out the types of fire safety measures implemented in your residential complex, work & other structures you’re responsible for. Get the local Fire Department or an independent fire contractor to come and inspect your buildings (home & office) for fire safety and give you recommendations on the measures to be taken to be fire compliant. This will ensure that you can sleep easy.