What are Firestop Sealants?

Firestop Sealants are used to seal small openings/gaps through penetrants (such as civil pipes, ducts, electrical cables, etc.) passing through walls or floors in buildings.  The purpose of fire sealants is to seal any small openings (up to 2-4 cm in diameter) so as to prevent a fire from traveling from a fire area/compartment to another area/compartment of a building or structure.  Fire Sealants, like all passive fire products, have a fire rating which indicates the time it will stop fire for. Any passive fire product will have a fire rating of up to a maximum of 4 hours.

There are different types of Fire Sealants used for their individual properties.  Firestop Sealants can be silicone, ablative or intumescent.  They can be elastomeric which indicates their expansion or movement capability from 25% – 50%.  Silicone Firestop Sealants are elastic, maintain stability in high & low temperatures and is resistant to other chemicals, moisture, and weathering.  Unlike some adhesives, silicone sealants must cure.  Ablative FireStop Sealants absorb the energy of a fire to protect what is underneath, buying valuable time. They work by consuming heat energy from fire, releasing it in the form of gases as they char to form insulation.  Intumescent Firestop Sealants are used mainly around plastic pipes/materials that penetrate through walls and floors.  Intumescents swell as a result of heat exposure, thus increasing in volume and decreasing in density.  Intumescent sealants are ideal for use with plastic materials/pipes as the intumescent material is used in accordance with the diameter of a pipe so as to assure that the expansion of the intumescent material is wide enough to seal the opening of the pipe diameter.

What else to look for in a firestop sealant?  Based on the use or application, determine the type of sealant required.  Look at the fire rating of a sealant, the fire tests conducted on the specific product/brand of firestop sealant to assure that a fire stop sealant has been tested in fire conditions as per the relevant test standards that apply in your respective country.  It is imperative that the sealant is applied exactly as per the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure it works under fire conditions. Also, fire-stopping sealants come in different colors which is mainly to identify specific brands over others.  

Vijay Systems has certain specialization in the selection and installation of the reliable firestop sealants and smoke seal systems. By offering extensive knowledge of fire stop systems and expert installation every builder and owner is responsible as well as credible for the align of sealants. It is a very delicate procedure only professionals are required to install them with precautions.

Fire penetration seals start to allow residents or employees to find safe passages to emergency exits and a trained guide to assist the crowd before extinguishing the fire. Such compartments are already installed in buildings with fire-rated walls and floors to negate the designed protection system.


Fire protection is really important to preserve life and property. Fire stops can effectively save lives, and minimize damage to building structures & property. Fire-resistant compartments are made in buildings/structures to contain a fire within a compartment.  Fire stop products aid in this objective. Therefore, it is important that all openings and gaps in buildings are fire-stopped to restrict horizontal and vertical spreading.