Fire Stopping & Penetration Sealing Systems

Fire Compartmentation in the building is achieved by forming Fire Barriers across compartments wherever the service penetrants are crossing the compartment. The Fire Barrier products like Fire penetration seals, manufactured by VSE include: Vermiculite cement or Fire Stop Mortar, Panel seal using mineral wool boards, VS Plastic Pipe Collars, VS Plastic Pipe Wraps and VS Panel Seal for glass Facade. The use of any of these products is determined by the type of penetrant or opening being sealed.

Fire sealants are used for small gaps/openings or building joints. We offer Intumescent sealants and Ablative sealants for this purpose.

Fire stop Mortar is a vermiculite cement based product which is installed in larger openings where penetrants are passing through and where foot traffic is anticipated or sturdiness is a requirement.

Panel Seal is a mineral wool board coated with Fire retardant coating and is used to seal openings in walls/floors as a Fire penetration seal.

VS Plastic Pipe Collars and VS Plastic Pipe Wraps are used as a fire penetration sealing system for combustible pipes/penetrants.

VS Panel Seal for Glass Façade is a fire penetration sealing system used to seal openings in glass façade building/structures.

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