Fire Rated, Intumescent & Cementitious Paint for Steel

Fire Retardant Coating


VS Steel Master VM is a fire retardant coating for structural steel beams and collars. It imparts fire resistance and heat insulation to prevent the temperature rise to the point that steel starts to melt and causes the sudden collapse of the steel structure in the event of a fire. The phenomenon of possible sudden collapse of steel structures in fire conditions is based on the fact that steel loses near 50% of its mechanical strength at a temperature of 550°C. For a normal fire, it takes 5 to 6 minutes to reach this level of temperature which can result in the sudden collapse of a steel structure in the absence of a fire retardant coating for this purpose. When all the exposed surface of structural steel is coated using VS Steel Master VM, a fire retardant coating for steel, it can provide a fire rating of up to 2 hours.

VS Steel Master VM is stable in its performance against fire even after long exposure to various challenging conditions like exposure to weathering effects, ageing, vibrations, temperature variation and water logging.

VS Steel Master VM is easy to maintain and apply when modifications are needed to an existing structure that has been protected by the VS Steel Master VM. It has been tested as per ASTME-119.

Special Features

VS Steel Master VM has the following special features:

  • It has excellent adhesion to most structural steel surfaces and the conventional primer and paint systems in commercial and industrial establishments
  • The system can become paintable with primer
  • Is non Toxic
  • Does not evolve halogen when exposed to fire
  • Countable to green building materials
  • The system is not prone to attacks by vermin, termite or rodents
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Technical Data

    Form Solids
    Colour & Appearance Grey, granular powder mix plaster compound
    Dry Bulk Density 600 +/ - 50 kg/m3
    Flammability Non Flammable
    Combustibility Non Combustible
    Compressive Strength 1.2 to 1.9 N/mm2
    pH 9.5 to 12
    Surface Preparation Sa 2 ½ (bright white / grey base metal)
    Adhesion base Two component zinc rich epoxy primer 50 microns DFT minimum
    System Reinforcement Corrosion resistant coated weld mesh 16 G x ¾” pitch
    System Reinforcement fixing by Weld studs MS size M4 copper coated
    Setting Time 2 to 4 Hours
    Curing Time 5-6 Days under typical curing conditions of > 50% Rh & 23-27 °C ambient
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