ACE GP Steel Doors


VS General Purpose (GP) Steel Doors are steel doors without the fire retardancy property/benefit. They are made of hollow metal pressed steel (hmps) galvanised sheets. VS GP Steel Doors are fully fabricated in our factory and provided in a ready to install condition at site. These doors are finished in powder coating or polyurethane paint in any Color shade as per the customer’s requirements. These steel doors are available in standard and customised sizes and in sleek and sturdy designs. Provisions can be made during manufacturing to fix any hardware as per client’s requirements.


  • Available in standard sizes as well as customised sizes
  • Sleek, flush and sturdy design with good aesthetics
  • Available in color shades as per customer requirements
  • Totally asbestos free
  • Prefabricated ready to install at site
  • Ready to take hardware as per customer requirement
  • Made from galvanized steel sheets
  • Hardware available as per customer requirements
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