Ace FR Wood Coating

Fire Retardant Coating


Ace FR Wood Coating is a water based, single component surface coating for wood components and Commercial Plywood. The coating cures at general ambient conditions to form a thin coating film on the wood surface which protects the surface against fire. It can be easily applied by brush or spray on exposed wooden surface. The product is tested as per test procedures of IS 1734 Part 3 for its characteristic properties such as ‘Flammability’, ‘Flame Penetration’ and ‘Rate of Burning’ by coating on a commercial grade plywood surface. The performance conforms to the requirements as per IS 5509.


The fire retardant products can be applied in finished stage of the product as well as after installation and commissioning at site. It is a single component system and can be applied as suitable to site specific conditions by brush or by spray coating. The material is compatible with wood and ply wood surfaces having less than 20% moisture contents and no leach outs. 1-2 coats of Approx 100 to 150 microns of the Fire Retardant Wood Coating can provide fire resistance of upto 30 minutes to the plywood or wood surface.


Ace FR Wood Coating is a product for internal use and should be protected with top coat if expected to be exposed to harsh external conditions like water logging, direct sunlight, etc .

ace fire retardant wood coating



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