Fire Retardant Coating & Paint for Cables, Intumescent Paint

Fire retardation is another technique of Passive Fire Protection that is achieved by using Fire retardant coatings.

Most of the Fire propagation through electrical cables. Fire retardant cable coating when applied on electrical cables, retards the spread of fire thereby providing additional time for rescue operations before the fire incidence becomes catastrophic. It also reduces toxic black smoke.

Flame retardants are chemicals applied to combustible materials to prevent the growth of the fire, which are industrial and consumer products. These are commonly added to flammable products to slow down the spread of or prevent fires while providing additional time to escape.

Furnishings like mattresses, curtains, fabric blinds, upholstery, carpets, and foam; electrical devices like smartphones, computers, household appliances, television and laptops; transportation products like bumpers, seating covers, seating filling, airplanes, trains and automobiles. Construction and building materials like electric cables and wires, polyurethane insulation foams and insulation products. The fireproof coating does not decompose quickly but builds up and bioaccumulates over the years.

Importance of fire-retardant coating

At Vijay Systems Engineers Pvt Ltd, we have a diverse set of fire-retardant coating and fire-retardant products in stock. Everyday products like these are made from fabric, metal and timber that ensures that they are fully insulated and fireproof. We always issue a certificate of conformance, so one can always discuss the fire-retardant lacquer, varnishes, coatings, and paints.

When building a workplace, warehouse, or business, you must fireproof the space to specific standards. For example, if you stock inflammable furniture and industrial substances, the chances are that you need much more fire-retardant paint for cables than required in a regular situation. We also have water-based fire-retardant paint & material for steel and wooden structures, especially in and around apartments, schools, hospitals, and industrial kitchens.

Fire-retardant coating: uses and benefits

Fire retardant cable coating is a water-based coating that can be applied by brush on electrical cables at strategic locations. If you have an existing structure in place, you can upgrade the interiors with easy-to-use fire-retardant material that can be applied by yourself or professional applicators. If you want to use the fire-retardant coating for wood yourself, you get kits with complete instructions with primer and white undercoat paint. Wooden substrates widely used in interior finishes also contribute as fuel to the fire. These can be treated with Fire retardant wood coating to achieve Passive fire protection.

If you have high-quality timber in place, you must use fire retardant paint for wood. This is a clear varnish that offers fireproof qualities along with the original wooden colour or wooden stains shining through. If you use a lot of steel in your business, we have fire resistant paint and intumescent paints that finishes along with an anti-corrosion primer. These are available in acrylic eggshell or gloss finishes, along with a vinyl matte finish that is not as tough.

The structural steel used for load-bearing in the buildings poses a threat to collapse when its temperature reaches a critical level. It is necessary to protect the steel against heat during a fire incidence. The structural steel fire protection is achieved by applying a Steel coating on the surface of structural steel.

Apart from the regular fire-retardant coating, you even get fire-retardant paint and sprays that are commonly used by professional decorators and painters. They cover large surfaces better and more efficiently, such as large floors and walls, exterior cladding, and warehouse structural sheets.


Vijay Systems uses fire-retardant coating for cables in India, which are water-based and are applied to all surfaces. As compared to the traditional coating, our products don’t impact the base material. We conform to regulations and technical application standards, thanks to our carefully developed fire-retardant solutions, certification, quality assurance systems, regular testing, training and project management.

Fire-resistant paint decreases the burning rate and prevents fire spread, and is commonly used in electrical chairs, plates, and cables. Depending on the base material, the fire-resistant coating must be applied according to the project's requirements and environment. When it comes in direct contact with fire, the water-based and solvent-free product protects prefabricated, concrete, steel and wooden structures. Thus, it is commonly used in public buildings, new construction work and large-scale industrial spaces.

Our Fire-retardant products: Our products are categorized into fire-retardant coating compounds, fire penetration sealing systems, fire retardant door, general-purpose doors and fire sealants

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