Fire Retardant Coating For Cable, Wood And Structural Steel

Fire retardation is another technique of Passive Fire Protection which is achieved by using Fire retardant coatings.

Most of the Fires propogate through electrical cables. Fire retardant cable coating when applied on electrical cables, retards the spread of fire thereby providing additional time for rescue operations before the fire incidence becomes catastrophic. It also reduces toxic black smoke.

Fire retardant cable coating is a water based coating which can be applied by brush on electrical cables at strategic locations.

Wooden substrates widely used in interior finishes also contribute as fuel to the fire. These can be treated with Fire retardant wood coating to achieve Passive fire protection

The structural steel used for load bearing in the buildings pose a threat to collapse when its temperature reaches a critical level. It is necessary to protect the steel against heat during a fire incidence. The structural steel fire protection is achieved by applying Steel coating on the surface of structural steel.

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