Expansion Joint Seal

Fire Sealing System


Fire Rated Building Joint using Ace Panel Seals is a system installed at site to suit the type of building joint and site conditions. The type of joint can be a ‘Wall to Wall’, ‘Floor to Floor’ or ‘Wall to Floor’ type with expansion gaps in building elements. Ace Panel Seals are mineral wool boards coated on exposed face with Ace Mastik to a thickness of 1.5 to 2 mm. Ace Panel seals are arranged and fixed at the site location in a compact and partially compressed form in the gaps of the adjacent building elements and structures forming the building joint . Depending upon the thickness of wall / floor (as Joint gap elements), Ace Panel seals are cut to size and fixed in gaps to required minimum thickness. Ace Mastik is applied at the exposed cut surface of Panel seals, in the gaps between the Ace Panel edges, and the edges of the walls/ floors and the Ace Panel seal boundary. Fire rated Building Joint using Ace Panel seals system prevents spread of fire, smoke and noxious gasses through gaps of building joints, during exposure to fire when installed in accordance with the installation procedure. The product is tested as per ASTM E 814 & UL 1479.


FM approved, to approval class 4990 for 2 & 4 hrs. Fire rating. Fire Rated Building Joint using Ace Panel Seals do not get affected to required performance of the system during fire even after exposure to various conditions like weathering effects, aging, vibrations, ambient temperature variations.


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  • Life Expectancy 40 years
    Density of Ace Mastik 1.25 to 1.40 gms/cm3
    pH of Ace Mastik 6.0to 8.0
    Appearance Grey /Off white, thick liquid
    Odour Odorless
    Flash Point None
    Resistance to moisture & humidity Good
    Toxicity Non Toxic
    Application Temperature 5°C to 50°C
    Back filling Material details Mineral Wool Density 144 kg/m3 nominal thickness 50 mm. or more for 2 hrs. fire rating.
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