What is the Role of Passive Fire Protection?

Fire, though the discovery of mankind, is now deemed to be a hazard that turns everything to ashes in an instant. Fires cause property damage, loss of human lives, downtime in factories or manufacturing units, financial loss and more. It is said that “Prevention is better than a cure”, hence it is in our interest to take any and all measures to prevent, stop and put out a fire at the earliest.  Passive fire protection is an important step that should be taken towards fire stopping and fire safety. Passive fire products play an important role in stopping a fire where it occurs thereby minimizing property damage and allowing people to safely evacuate a facility under fire.


Passive fire protection products are ideally used in a structure to create fire compartments so as to contain a fire within a structure.  Passive fire products are part of the building itself and they are generally installed during the construction of the building.


The role of passive fire stopping products is to contain the fire to its point of origin and prevent the flames and smoke from spreading throughout the building/structure. Ideally, if every section of a building is adequately treated with passive fire products then in the event of a fire, the fire can be contained without it spreading to other areas of the building.


Fire stopping products can contain the fire for up to 4 hours at its point of origin allowing the safe evacuation of all occupants, allowing the fire department to arrive, locate the fire and put it out. These products also protect the structural integrity of the load bearing exposed steel structures and reduce the likelihood of the collapse of the building in a fire condition.


Passive fire protection companies not only promise to save lives but also to limit the damage to the property thus reducing repair costs. Installation of a combination of passive fire products or systems ensures that the escape routes are protected during a fire, allowing occupants to escape safely. There is a different category of passive fire products that are used in combination to provide fire stopping in different parts of a structure/building.  Some of the categories are Fire Sealants, Fire Retardant Coatings, Fire Penetration Sealing Systems & Fire Barriers. Some of VSE’s passive fire products include: Ace Mastic Coating, Ace Mortar Seal, Ace Panel Seal, Ace Mastik Sealant, Steel Fire Doors, Fire Resistant Glazing System, Steel Master VM, FR Partition Walls, Fire Curtains, Wraps, Collars, FR Wood Coating, Panel Seal for Glass Facade, FR Fabric Coating, sealant for expansion joints etc.


Passive fire products have to pass through rigorous testing under extreme fire conditions. The exposed temperatures are determined by time temperature causes in various Indian and International standards. The fire stopping products also prevent smoke and dangerous gases from spreading for rated time and temperature.


When Fire Strikes, Get Time On Your Side with VSE Passive Fire Products.


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