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Fire is an unforeseen hazard that can spread rapidly, cause damage to property and lead to injuries or loss of lives. Passive Fire Protection Products and Systems contain fire and prevent the spread of fire, smoke and fumes with the aim of saving lives and minimizing property damage in the event of a fire.

Firestop products act as fire barriers and are designed to contain and prevent the spread of fire, smoke, heat and flames for a period of up to 4 hours, in order to allow safe evacuation of occupants from a structure and minimize property damage. Passive fire products & systems are installed within compartments of buildings or structures. In the case of very large, open spaces, a combination of active and passive fire products are used to create fire compartments in order to prevent the rapid spread of fire, smoke or fumes. The way passive fire products and systems are used is to seal any openings through floors or walls through which fire can penetrate and create a fire seal or fire barrier. There are a wide range of firestop products and systems used depending on the surface or area that is being treated to provide a fire seal.

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