What makes Firestop different from other sealants?

Firestop sealant is a system which protects the building from fire. It seals the cracks and crevices of a space using fireproof material so that fire shall not spread into the room or the whole building. Fire can be spread quickly through multiple spaces so it’s a very difficult job to make a room fireproof. You can experience sealing around pipes and duct work, that’s why penetrated sealants are used. But it can only hold up a fire for two to three hours.

The way fire resistant sealants behave in a fire is the factor that makes it different from other sealants. Yes it is expensive but is exposed to fire seen in the scenario. Many applications require intumescent products for movements in fire stop through penetration. Combustible has to be dealt with intumescent such as insulation pipers or ducts.

Firestopping sealants are with different colors for better identification of the product. Unless a third party testing agency declares the product to be true don’t buy it. Not all firestop materials are compatible with FRPP. If plastic are not able to stop fire through sealants.

Several fire resistant sealants manufacturers have tested their material to deject the need of wire mesh, and it was a huge success. Consulting individual tested designs is important to determine whether mesh wife is required or not. It might be a security method but not legalised and is prohibited as well.

Fire penetration seals have been tested to evaluate its ability to impede from compartments to compartments. A manufacturer can choose its products to determine the amount of fire leakage through the firestopping systems.

These systems involve L rating commuting F and T into the ratings. It has been installed with precautions in intent to not leak fire in excess and block in certain way nothings gets damage. Protection of people and building by installing firestopping is a really good decision.

Fire resistant sealants are manufactured and then installed in such a way to attain trust and reliability of customers over our products.

Vijay Systems has certain specialisation in the selection and installation of the reliable firestop sealants and smoke seal systems. By offering extensive knowledge of fire stop systems and expert installation every builder and owner is responsible as well as credible for the align of sealants. It is a very delicate procedure only professionals are required to install them with precautions.

Fire penetration seals starts to allow residents or employees to find safe passages to emergency exits and a trained guider to assist the crowd before extinguishing the fire. Such compartments are already installed in buildings with fire-rated walls and floors to negate the designed protection system.


Fire protection is really important to preserve life and property. Fire stopping can effectively reduce the effect of fire on building structures. Fire resistant compartments are made to control the excess explosion of fire. It is important that all openings and gaps are fire-stopped to restrict horizontal and vertical spreading. Fire can spread in cavities and penetrate in building if it fails.

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