What Is the Purpose of Passive Fire Protection?

Building fires are one of the most unfortunate events that can happen to anyone. Fire turn everything to ashes. Fire events cause property damage, and the worst of all, loss of human lives. “Prevention is better than the cure” they say, hence one should take every measure to prevent fire events in residential as well as commercial buildings. Passive fire protection is an important step that should be taken towards fire prevention and fire safety.  

Passive fire protection products are always in action and they do not need activation or something in order to fulfill their role. Passive fire products are part of the building itself and they are generally installed during the construction of the building.

Role of the passive fire stopping products is to contain the fire to its point of origin and prevent the flames and smoke from spreading throughout the building. Fire protection company makes sure that every room or every section of the building is a sealed unit and due to which, the flame burns itself out in the event of the fire within the contained unit without spreading to other areas of the building.

These fire stopping products can contain the fire for up to 4 hours at its point of origin ensuring safe exit of all the occupants. These products protect the structural integrity of the property and reduce the likelihood of the collapse of the building.

Passive fire protection company not only promise to save lives but also limit the damage to the property thus reducing repair costs for you. Installation of passive fire products ensures that the escape routes are protected during the incident of fire allowing occupants to escape. Some passive fire products are Ace mastick coating, mortar seal, panel seal, steel fire doors, steel master VM, fire resistant glazing systems, FR partition walls, mastick ablative sealant, GP steel doors, mastick intumescent sealant, fire curtains, wraps, collars, FR wood coating, panel seat for glass facade, FR fabric coating, sealant for expansion joints etc.

Passive fire products have to pass through rigorous testing under extreme fire conditions and measured on 3 criterias: stability, integrity and insulation. According to  these 3 criterias fire stopping products must continue to fulfill any load bearing element for the requested time, it must prevent fire, smoke and dangerous gases from spreading for requested time and temperature of the exposed side of the system must not increase beyond the set limit within the requested time.

We should not overlook the importance of passive fire protection systems. Installation of passive and active fire protection systems can help anyone minimize the damage and save human lives in case of fire.

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