How Do I Know If A Door Is Fire Rated?

Fire is an unfortunate event that can be harmful to property and lives. It can be more hazardous if it takes place in the areas which are populated like hospitals and schools. It’s important to protect such places by fire or smoke to protect lives. Fire resistant door is the solution to this problem. Such doors are the lifesaver as they prevent fire by spreading. Not only doors but fire rated partition is also a good option. You can place in between compartments to prevent fire.

Fire rated doors are those which are fire resistant and stops the fire from spreading. Fire resistant door is being used in homes, offices, hospitals, buildings, apartments, and ships. Information about fire resistant door can be found on the edge of the door or bottom or top of the door. Vijay Systems provide fire resistant door, fire rated steel door and fire rated partition in all sizes with good designs. They are ready to install wherever you want. They use galvanized steel to make their doors. Their doors are available for up to 180 minutes fire resistant. They provide you doors according to your requirements.

They make their doors with pressed steel and fix fire-rated glass in it to prevent the fire from spreading. It’s not that you can only place it in a newly constructed building. You can also replace it with your old doors. All the fire rated doors have an automatic locking device so that whenever it caught fire, it locks automatically and stops the fire from spreading to other parts of the building. It is suggested that opt for only that fire resistant door which is tested and certified by the fire testing center. It not that complicated to find whether a door is fireproof or not. They put a certification sticker on doors so that it can be identified easily. You can see the fire resist timing, manufacturing date and owner’s name on that certificate.

Also, Fire resistant doors are a minimum 1.4 inches thick. There should be no gap between doors and frames so that the fire can’t go through. It is also important to check the door time to time. Maintenance is required when you are installing a fire rated door or fire rated partition. When a fire rated door is tested and well-maintained then is more reliable. Fire resistant doors should be installed by well trained and skilled workers only. Because all the angles and fitting matters a lot. It is a basic responsibility of any building or homeowner to check and maintain all the passive fire protection devices. Fire resistant door is one of that devices.  

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